Donald Driver Appears at Wisconsin Middle School for Goodwill Pack’er Up Challenge


Here are some of the reactions from the students at John Long Middle School

-“It was really inspiring to hear his story and it really helped kids who have big dreams, but don’t think they can achieve them, hear that it is possible.”


-“The day was truly a TOUCHDOWN!”


-“I liked how he stressed how it’s never too late to turn your life around.”


-“I liked how the day wasn’t just about DD, but about us at JLMS and Goodwill.”


-“He acted like it wasn’t just another thing he had to go to, but something special that he really wanted to go to!”


-“He gave every person a hug (and chest bump!), not just the first person.”


-“He made it clear that it wasn’t us thanking him for coming, but that it was him thanking us for giving so much back to our community.”


-“I liked how when he walked in, how he felt like it was the Super Bowl.  Everyone was cheering him on.”


-“I liked how when he did answer the questions, they were thought out, not just ‘blah blah blah…’ He actually cared about his responses and our questions.”


-“He talked to us how he would talk to anybody else, not like we were kids. He was funny and seemed really comfortable.”


-“A true hero.”


-“Stay true to yourself”— one from DD that stuck!


-“He inspired me to look on the bright side.”


-“He’s like the best dude on earth.  He gave me a hug, and he smelled like god.”


-“It was a fun and educational experience.”


-“Overwhelmingly awesome!”


-“Best middle school day ever!”


-“He smelled soooooooo good!”


-“Today I learned that when you give, you also receive good things in many, many ways.”


-“It was very educational.  It was cool how Donald went through his whole life and career and found ways to connect his life to us, as middle school students.”


-“I like how Donald Driver’s family is his number one inspiration!”


-“He is a good dancer!”


-“He was very inspirational with everything he told us, especially when he told us what path to follow in life.”


-“I thought it was so cool how Donald, who is such a famous person, really is an ordinary guy who connected to us.”


-“Memories last for a long time, but this memory will last for a lifetime.”


-“I was not a Packer or football fan before this day, but Donald’s inspirational words to us made me a fan of Donald Driver and his mission.”


-“Best day of my life ever… times ten!”


-“There are no words to say how amazing it was!”


-“It was very exciting when we saw the video of Donald Driver getting out of his limo and entering our school!”.


-“It was awesome having Donald at John Long!  He is a great influence on us!”


-This was a once in a lifetime experience!  Honestly, one of the cooler people out there.  You can’t ever forget an event like this!”


-“It was a day to remember!”


-“It really opened my eyes when Donald said, ‘You can’t open new doors, if you are stuck on old ones.’ ”


-“I liked how open Donald was about his past.  He wasn’t embarrassed to share bad things that happened to him that helped make him into the good person he is now.”


-“I learned to always be who I am, and not care what anyone else thinks.   Stay true to MYSELF!”

Source: WISN-12

Hundreds of students in Grafton got a visit from a “Dancing With The Stars” champion Tuesday.

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver and “DWTS” champ Donald Driver visited John Long Middle School to congratulate students on a job well done.

Students of the school participated in the Goodwill “Pack ‘er Up” challenge, and took first place by collecting 78,000 donation items in 30 days.

“One of the best things is that they learn about community and how to give back and contribute,” said principal Greg Kabara.

Students gave Driver a very enthusiastic, and loud, welcome as he walked into the school gymnasium.

“It should put a smile on everyone’s face,” Driver told the students. “You were able to give someone some clothes, books, bags, and it puts a smile on my face knowing that you have all done a good job.”

After his speech, students were even more impressed with Driver.

“He is just so … it was mind-blowing,” said seventh-grader Olivia Forsche, who said the experience not only taught her a lesson, but her parents as well.

“Donated a bunch of my baby stuff and stuffed animals,” she said. “It was kind of hard for my parents to let go of all that, but it was good.”

Parents of some 2- and 4-year-olds lined up on Highway 60 to see the star may have a little more explaining to do. Portia Young discovered the children thought they were going to see Donald Duck, not Donald Driver.

Students at John Long Middle School competed against 800 other schools to win Tuesday’s visit from Driver. Summit View Elementary in Waukesha took top honors in 2012, collecting nearly 75,000 items.