Our Fight for Education

The Donald Driver Foundation is now taking submissions for The Donald Driver Foundation Scholarship.  Ten (10) scholarships of $1000 each will be awarded annually. For more information download the registration form, click here.

To apply for the Donald Driver Foundation’s Laptop Scholarship, click here.

It is without a doubt that the future of America is in the hands of our youth. To ensure that our nation remains the great place that it is, we need to not only love and care for our children, we need to educate them. We need to empower them with the mind tools to help them reach their potential and make a difference as adults.

The Donald Driver Foundation understands that not all children are given the opportunities to get an advanced start on their education. Because of socio-economic diversity, not all children have access to the numerous tools available to today’s youth. Believeing in the inportance of education and knowledge, The Donald Driver Foundation has decided to include education issues in its mission. To date, we have opened two computer labs in inner-city youth centers. These computers are available for school-aged children to help them with their homework. They are also equipped with special software to help pre-school aged children learn how to read.